How safe is a simple hand coded site vs. a Wordpress site?

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How safe is a simple hand coded site vs. a Wordpress site?

Messagepar RyanCaleb » 11 Oct 2017, 15:16

I have a potential client who has a WordPress site that GoDaddy has notified her that it has been hacked. They want to sell her products to fix and prevent the problem. I took a look at her site which is a very basic site that could hand coded in a day. Rather than having her pay me to run updates and sanitise it and then have her keep an eye on it and make sure to do back ups and updates I am thinking I could make her a much nicer site based on one of my own site templates that I have hand coded and make a simple site like she has now but without a database or log ins.

Just a simple site built on HTML and CSS and some Jquery and 1 PHP file as a contact form and that is it. Right now she is running WordPress for a site that has a pop-up contact form and a few pages of images and information.

It's my understanding that a basic handbuild site as I mentioned with out the database and the log ins is a safer alternative to a WordPress site unless someone needs specific WordPress features. Am I missing something?


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